ProSieve EX Safe Stain

Prosieve EX Safe Stain is a non-toxic, ready-to-use, 1 step fast and sensitive staining solution for proteins separated in SDS polyacrylamide gels. Within 5-15 minutes ProSieve EX Safe Stain will detect as low as 60 ng of protein and with longer incubation as low as 10 ng of protein.

ProSieve EX Stain Enhancer is a non-toxic detergent removal pretreatment for use with your normal staining reagent. This enhancer is for fast staining of proteins separated in SDS polyacrylamide gels. Your gel just need to be incubated for 10 minutes with ProSieve EX Stain Enhancer before you stain with your normal staining reagent, no destaining is required.

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Cat no. Description
LO 201369 ProSieve EX Stain Enhancer 1L
LO 201455 ProSieve EX Safe Stain 1L