SYPRO Ruby Protein Gel Stain

  • Highly Sensitive - Rivals the best silver stain
  • Quantitative - Broad linear range and consistent gel to gel staining
  • Fast - Simple staining procedure saves time and money
  • High Throughput - Fast, easy staining of multiple gels
  • Versatile - Detects d
SYPRO® Ruby Protein Gel Stain is highly sensitive, simple to use fluorescent stain that can accurately quantitate protein expression levels, and is compatible with standard fluorescent visualization systems and downstream identification techniques such as mass spectrometry.

SYPRO® Ruby Protein Stain is supplied in a ready-to-use, single reagent format. The 1 L size stains approximately 20 minigels or 2 large 2D gels. The 5 L size is provided in a box with a spigot for dispensing.

Ordering information

Westburg offers this product in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg,
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Cat no. Description
LO 50562 SYPRO Ruby Protein Gel Stain, 1 L 1each
LO 50564 SYPRO Ruby Protein Gel Stain, 200 ml 1each