SYPRO Tangerine Protein Gel Stain

  • Visualize proteins prior to transfer - Does not interfere with protein activity
  • Versatile - Excellent for staining native proteins
  • Safe - No acids or organic solvents necessary
  • Sensitive - Detects as little as 4-8 ng protein per band
SYPRO® Tangerine Protein Gel Stain is a versatile, sensitive stain that can be used to visualize proteins prior to Western blotting. The protein gel staining procedure is fast and simple and does not require the use of organize solvents; staining can be performed in saline or PBS solutions. Proteins can then be used in zymography assays or analyzed by mass spectrometry.

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Cat no. Description
LO 50556 SYPRO Tangarine Protein Gel Stain 500 uL 1each