Eco-Maxi Protein Electrophoresis and Blotting

  • Run 1 or 2 PAGE gels of 19.4 x 18.5 cm
  • Leak-proof, bubble-free gel casting
  • Interchangeable modules for electrophoresis and blotting
The Eco-Maxi System is a modular, tank-style electrophoresis unit for the separation of proteins in vertical 19.4 x 18.5 cm polyacrylamide (PAGE) gels.

For fast and reliable casting of 1 or 2 polyacrylamide gels simply load the glass plates to the Electrophoresis Module, fix them with the integrated mechanism and insert the assembly into the Casting Stand. Leak-proof and bubble-free gel casting is guaranteed due to the fixed spacers on the glass plates in combination with the improved visco-elastic polymeric gaskets.

After polymerisation you simply remove the assembly from the Casting Stand and put it into the buffer tank for the electrophoresis run.

For cooled runs a buffer tank with built-in cooling base is available separately. This buffer tank is also compatible with the Blot Module of the Tankblot Eco-Maxi.

Ordering information

Westburg offers this product in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg,
If you are not located in these countries please visit the Analytik Jena website to find your local distributor.
Cat no. Description
AJ 846-017-400 Eco-Maxi System EB, with casting stand
AJ 846-017-401 Eco-Maxi System EB
AJ 846-017-402 Eco-Maxi System EBC, with casting stand
AJ 846-017-403 Eco-Maxi System EBC
AJ 846-017-420 Glass Plate for Eco-Maxi, 1mm fixed spacers
AJ 846-017-421 Glass Plate for Eco-Maxi, 0.75 mm fixed spacers
AJ 846-017-423 Glass Plate for Eco-Maxi, 1.5 mm fixed spacers
AJ 846-017-425 Notched Glass Plate for Eco-Maxi
AJ 846-017-426 Dummy Plate for Eco-Maxi
AJ 846-017-430 Comb for Eco-Maxi, 12 teeth, 0.75 mm
AJ 846-017-431 Comb Eco-Maxi, 19 teeth, 0.75 mm, MTP compatible
AJ 846-017-432 Comb for Eco-Maxi, 25 teeth, 0.75 mm
AJ 846-017-433 Comb for Eco-Maxi, 30 teeth, 0,75 mm
AJ 846-017-434 Comb Eco-Maxi, 1 well plus 2 marker wells, 0.75 mm
AJ 846-017-440 Comb for Eco-Maxi, 12 teeth, 1 mm
AJ 846-017-441 Comb Eco-Maxi, 19 teeth, 1 mm, MTP compatible
AJ 846-017-442 Comb for Eco-Maxi, 25 teeth, 1 mm
AJ 846-017-443 Comb for Eco-Maxi, 30 teeth, 1 mm
AJ 846-017-444 Comb Eco-Maxi, 1 well plus 2 marker wells, 1 mm
AJ 846-017-450 Comb for Eco-Maxi, 12 teeth, 1.5 mm
AJ 846-017-451 Comb Eco-Maxi, 19 teeth, 1.5 mm, MTP compatible
AJ 846-017-452 Comb for Eco-Maxi, 25 teeth, 1.5 mm
AJ 846-017-453 Comb for Eco-Maxi, 30 teeth, 1.5 mm
AJ 846-017-454 Comb Eco-Maxi, 1 well plus 2 marker wells, 1.5 mm
AJ 846-017-471 Buffer tank EB for Eco-Maxi
AJ 846-017-472 Buffer tank EBC for Eco-Maxi
AJ 846-017-474 Bigfoot safety Lid for Eco-Maxi
AJ 846-017-475 Electrophoresis Module for Eco-Maxi, for 2 gels
AJ 846-017-480 Casting Stand for Eco-Maxi, for 2 gels
AJ 846-018-400 Tankblot Eco-Maxi C
AJ 846-018-401 Tankblot Eco-Maxi
AJ 846-018-405 Blotting Module for Eco-Maxi
AJ 846-018-411 Blotting cassette Tankblot Eco-Maxi; colour-coded
AJ 846-018-413 Foam pads Tankblot Eco-Maxi 4 pcs for 2 cassettes