RunBlue Quad and Dual Electrophoresis & Blotting Systems

  • Simultaneously run or blot up to 4 gels
  • Fits both 10x10 and 8x10 cassettes
  • Easy sample loading
  • Excellent sealing, no leakage from cathode to anode
  • Can be cooled to avoid heat effects
  • More uniform transfer due to gradient field

Run and blot up to four protein gels at the same time

The RunBlue Electrophoresis Systems are ideal for for performing protein gel electrophoresis and electro-blotting of multiple gels. They provide the capability of running or blotting four (Quad) or two (Dual) gels simultaneously. The Quad unit includes 2 cores, 4 blotting cassettes with sponge pads.

These systems are designed primarily to be used with a variety of precast gels. Hand-cast gels can also be run in this unit with the use of accessory combs, plates and spacers (please inquire for details)

RunBlue Quad system RunBlue Quad system

RunBlue Quad and Dual Run and Blot Systems are capable of uniform blotting due to a unique, patent pending, gradient electric filed for blotting which provides greatest potential for the largest proteins and less for the smaller proteins.

The system includes a gel tank that has a core module that hinges open to accept gel cassettes or a buffer dam that can simply be clipped into place to provide a completely sealed cathode chamber. This allows the running buffer to be added and samples to be loaded outside of the tank. In addition the safety cover is easy to remove due to two protruding post that need to be pushed against for a smoothly removal of the cover.


Ordering information

Westburg offers this product in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg,
If you are not located in these countries please visit the Expedeon website to find your local distributor.
Cat no. Description
EP NXA19020 RunBlue Blot Sandwich Nitrocellulose 90x85mm 20
EP NXA29320 RunBlue Blot Sandwich PVDF 90x85mm 20
EP NXE00002 RunBlue Dual Run&Blot System
EP NXE00004 RunBlue Quad Run and Blot System
EP NXE00005 RunBlue Quad Run and Blot System with cooling
EP NXE00014 RunBlue Blotting cassette with pad 9x9cm
EP NXE00015 RunBlue Cooling Block for Dual Run&Blot
EP NXE00016 RunBlue Buffer Dam for Dual Run&Blot
EP NXE00017 RunBlue Sponge Pad Kit, 9x9cm - pack of 4