V15-17 PAGE System and Accessories

  • Analytical and semi-preparative protein separation
  • Runs a single 17 x 15 cm polyacrylamide (PAGE) gel.
  • Built-in integral clamps hold the gel in place
  • Fits gels of different thickness with straight or notched glass plates

The V15.17 Protein Gel Electrophoresis System is built for high-quality separation of proteins (and nucleic acids) in a vertical standard-gel format. The gel electrophoresis apparatus is supplemented by a complete selection of accessories and replacement parts, including an external gel casting system.

It runs a single 17 x 15 cm (W x L) vertical gel separating up to 20 samples. The built-in integral clamps allow easy assembly and hold gels of different thickness (0.8, 1.5 or 3 mm) leak-free in place. The V15.17 is your system of choice if you have a low sample throughput but need to run long distances or large sample volumes (up to 4 ml).

It is recommended to use Gel Casting Clamps for simple, leak-free casting of gels. This allows casting of single gels in a fraction of the time of the "conventional" tape or grease and binder clip methods.

Ordering information

Westburg offers this product in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg,
If you are not located in these countries please visit the Analytik Jena website to find your local distributor.
Cat no. Description
AJ 846-11074010 Glass plates, V15-17, V16 & V16-2 (3 sets)
AJ 846-11956026 Comb, V16/V15-17, 10 Well, 0.8 mm
AJ 846-11956034 Comb, V16/V15-17, 12 Well, 0.8 mm
AJ 846-11956042 Comb, V16/V15-17, 14 Well, 0.8 mm
AJ 846-11956059 Comb, V16/V15-17, 10 Well, 1.5 mm
AJ 846-11956067 Comb, V16/V15-17, 12 Well, 1.5 mm
AJ 846-11956075 Comb, V16/V15-17, 14 Well, 1.5 mm
AJ 846-11956117 Comb, V16/V15-17, Preparative, 0.8 mm
AJ 846-11956125 Comb, V16/V15-17, Preparative, 1.5 mm
AJ 846-11956133 Comb, V16/V15-17, Preparative, 3 mm
AJ 846-21070057 Spacer Blocks, V16/V15-17
AJ 846-21070065 Casting Clamp, V16,V16-2,V15-17
AJ 846-21076013 Comb, V16/V15-17, 20 Well, 0.8 mm
AJ 846-21076021 Comb, V16/V15-17, 20 Well, 1.5 mm
AJ 846-21080023 V15.17 Vertical Gel Electrophoresis Apparatus
AJ 846-41077017 Spacer Set, V16/V15-17, 0.8 mm
AJ 846-41077025 Spacer Set, V16/V15-17, 1.5 mm