Prosieve Protrack Dual Color Protein Loading Buffer

  • Protects proteins against degradation during heating
  • Two tracking dyes: for electrophoresis and blotting
  • Contains SDS and DTT

Some proteins are sensitive to pH changes that result from temperature fluctuations during electrophoresis in Tris buffers. The optimized composition of the ProSieve® ProTrack™ Dual Color Protein Loading Buffer protects proteins from heat degradation during the sample preparation step, as well as against pH changes during the SDS-PAGE run.

The loading buffer contains two tracking dyes: blue (bromophenol blue) for tracking the progress of electrophoresis and pink (pyronin Y) for monitoring of protein transfer to the membrane during Western blotting procedures.


Ordering information

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Cat no. Description
LO 193861 ProSieve Protrack Dual Color Protein Loading Buffer 5 x 1ml