RunBlue Bis-Tris Gels

  • Direct replacement of NuPAGEĀ® Bis-Tris gels
  • High resolution
  • High reproducibility
  • Easy handling

Strong gels, easy handling

RunBlue precast gels are more rigid and stable than traditional polyacrylamide gels. For your convenience the comb has already been removed. The cassette locks the fingers in place and there is no tape to be removed. Simply open the bag, place in the electrophoresis tank, rinse the wells and you're ready to go.

Great NuPAGEĀ® Bis-Tris alternative

RunBlue Bis-Tris Protein Gels provide an alternative to NuPAGE® Bis-Tris gels. These protein gels run with the same voltages, in the same tanks, using the same MES/MOPS buffers as NuPAGE gels. RunBlue Bis-Tris gels achieve highly comparable results with exceptional reproducibility and resolution.

No need to change anything - except the gels

Our RunBlue Bis-Tris gels can be run with standard MES or MOPS buffers depending on the size of proteins to be separated. They use the same LDS sample buffer and protocols as NuPAGE (200V). The cassettes fit directly into NuPAGE SureLock™ tanks without adapters or spacers. After electrophoresis the gels can be blotted in the iBlot® dry blotting system. Switching to RunBlue means no workflow disruption, no downtime, and no transition period.


Ordering information

Westburg offers this product in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg,
If you are not located in these countries please visit the Expedeon website to find your local distributor.
Cat no. Description
EP NBT00812 RunBlue Bis-Tris Gel 8% 12 well (10 Gels)
EP NBT00827 RunBlue Bis-Tris Gel 8% 17 well (10 Gels)
EP NBT01012 RunBlue Bis-Tris Gel 10% 12 well (10 Gels)
EP NBT01027 RunBlue Bis-Tris Gel 10% 17 well (10 Gels)
EP NBT01212 RunBlue Bis-Tris Gel 12% 12 well (10 Gels)
EP NBT01227 RunBlue Bis-Tris Gel 12% 17 well (10 Gels)
EP NBT41212 RunBlue BIS-TRIS Gel 4-12% 12well 10x10cm 10 gels
EP NBT41227 RunBlue Bis-Tris Gel 4-12% 17 well (10 Gels)
EP NXB86425 RunBlue Tris-Glycine Blot Buffer 10x Concentrate (4 L)
EP NXB86500 RunBlue Tris-Glycine Blot Buffer 10x Concentrate (500 ml)