Chameleon Prestained Protein Ladders for Odyssey

  • One- or multi-color prestained protein ladders
  • Visible by eye for protein migration in gel
  • Visible in 700nm and/or 800nm channels of NIR imagers

Monitor gel electrophoresis and blot transfer and get a great marker lane on the Odyssey with a single prestained marker!

Each protein band of the Chameleon markers has two labels:

1. a color you can directly see in a gel or on a blot
2. a near-infrared dye that lights up in an Odyssey Western blot detection system.

The markers are ready for use: no heating or dilution is needed. Use 5 µl for Western blot visualization or 10 µl to see the marker during gel electrophoresis.

Chameleon 700 or 800

The Chameleon 700 and 800 Prestained Protein Ladders offer both multi-colored proteins for visible detection and 700 or 800 channel near-infrared detection. Each ladder is made up of 7 protein bands from 8 to 260 kDa.

Chameleon Duo

The ladder combines both the 700 and 800 markers in a single marker and consists of 11 bands from 8 to 260 kDa for broad range detection.

Chameleon Kit

The kit contains one tube of 2X Chameleon 700 and one tube of 2X Chameleon 800 Ladders. You can combine them at a ratio that suits your application. When combined, the ladder offers 11 protein bands from 8 to 260 kDa.

Ordering information

Westburg offers this product in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg,
If you are not located in these countries please visit the LI-COR website to find your local distributor.
Cat no. Description
LI 928-60000 Chameleon Duo Prestained Protein Ladder 500 µl
LI 928-70000 Chameleon 700 Prestained Protein Ladder 500 µl
LI 928-80000 Chameleon 800 Prestained Protein Ladder 500 µl
LI 928-90000 Chameleon Kit Prestained Protein Ladder 2 x 250 µl