RunBlue Prestained Protein Markers

RunBlue Prestained Markers have been specifically formulated for use with RunBlue Precast Gels and Buffers. Marker proteins are conjugated to dye molecules to show position before staining which allows you to know how far your protein has migrated and to confirm the blotting efficiency without the need to stain your target protein.

RunBlue Prestained Markers consist of 195, 142, 96, 71, 48, 33, 28, 22, 12 and 7.6 kDa standards. For additional convenience and ease of identification, the 71 and 28 kDa standards have been conjugated to an orange dye molecule.

A load of only 4 µl RunBlue Prestained Markers is sufficient for a high intensity marker ladder - up to 2.5x less loading than conventional ladders!

1 Vial contains 600 µl RunBlue Prestained Markers

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Cat no. Description
EP NXA05160 RunBlue Prestained Protein Marker 600µl