IBA-Lyse Bacterial Lysis Buffer

The new IBA-lyse Bacterial Lysis Buffer is optimized for preparation of a cleared lysate after cytoplasmic expression of Strep-tag fusion proteins.

The buffer is formulated for gentle disruption of E. coli and release of proteins. It consists of a reagent mix compatible with subsequent Strep-tag purification. The protocol provides a simple, rapid, inexpensive and most importantly more reproducible and milder alternative to mechanical methods such as sonication or French Press for preparation of cleared lysates to be submitted to affinity chromatography. In addition, it avoids unwanted heating which occurs with e.g. sonication.
Avidin, which is included in the buffer, blocks biotin contaminations which could damage the Strep-Tactin purification columns or cause background on Western blots.

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Cat no. Description
IB 2-1017-050 IBA-Lyse Bacterial Lysis Buffer 50 ml