Ni-NTA Superflow

Ni-NTA Superflow combines superior mechanical stability and outstanding flow characteristics with high dynamic capacity. This resin allows purification of 6xHistidine-tag proteins under gravity flow as well as high flow rates and pressures for efficient FPLC applications. Pre-packed columns for gravity flow as well as pre-packed cartridges for low pressure chromatography by means of syringes, peristaltic pump systems or FPLC/HPLC workstations are available. Cartridges are offered as 1 ml H-PR cartridge or as 5 ml Luer-lock cartridge. They can be connected in series to enlarge capacity.

Ni-NTA resin contained in this product is manufactured by QIAGEN under a license from Hoffmann-LaRoche Inc.

Ordering information

Westburg offers this product in The Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Luxembourg, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland,
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Cat no. Description
IB 2-3206-010 Ni-NTA Superflow 20 ml
IB 2-3206-025 Ni-NTA Superflow 50 ml
IB 2-3206-100 Ni-NTA Superflow 200 ml
IB 2-3206-500 Ni-NTA Superflow 1000 ml
IB 2-3207-001 Ni-NTA Superflow gravity flow column 1 ml
IB 2-3207-051 Ni-NTA Superflow gravity flow column 5 ml
IB 2-3231-001 Ni-NTA Superflow cartridge H-PR, 1x1ml
IB 2-3231-005 Ni-NTA Superflow cartridge H-PR, 5x1ml
IB 2-3232-001 Ni-NTA Superflow cartridge H-PR (10-32) 1 x 5 ml
IB 2-3232-005 Ni-NTA Superflow cartridge H-PR (10-32) 5 x 5 ml