PolyMAC-Ti TiO2 Phosphopeptide Enrichment Beads

TiO2 magnetic beads for enrichment of phosphopeptides

Phosphopeptide enrichment is a critical step for successful mass spectrometrybased phosphoproteomics experiments. PolyMAC-Ti TiO2 beads offer an efficient and greatly improved method to achieve more complete phosphopeptide enrichment under homogeneous conditions. This highly selective enrichment procedure can be used with majority of the complex samples because it provides optimal specificity toward phosphopeptides. PolyMAC-Ti M is based on magnetic TiO2 beads.


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Cat no. Description
EP PMACTM02 PolyMAC-Ti-M - 25 Rxns
EP PMACTM05 PolyMAC-Ti-M - 50 Rxns
EP PMACTM10 PolyMAC-Ti-M - 100 Rxns