Gelfree 8100 Protein Fractionation System

  • Fractionate complex protein mixtures by molecular weight
  • Liquid-phase recovery: no gels, no band or spot cutting
  • Broad mass range: up to 500 kD
  • No bias for hydrophobicity or pI
  • >80% recovery of intact proteins
  • High reproducibility
The Gelfree 8100 is a novel protein fractionation system able to fractionate complex protein samples by molecular weight. It consists of a benchtop Gelfree Fractionation Instrument and single-use, 8-sample capacity fractionation cartridges.

Protein fractions are recovered from liquid phase, which results in high recovery while eliminating the need for band or spot cutting. This makes the Gelfree fractionation process simple and highly reproducible.

The Gelfree 8100 Fractionation System is capable of partitioning complex protein samples across a broad mass range: from 10 – 50 kDa using a 12% Cartridge to 75 – 500 kDa using a 5% cartridge. In addition, the fractionation is not biased by hydrophobic/hydrophilic nature or pI of the proteins, which means you cover almost the entire proteome. You can fractionate up to 1 mg of total protein per channel.

Applications of the Gelfree Protein Sample fractionator are numerous:
- Simplify and reduce the dynamic range of complex protein mixtures for bottom-up discovery proteomics using LC-MS/MS
- Fractionate and recover proteins intact for top-down proteomics
- Isolate and enrich pre-defined individual molecular weight fractions for targeted protein quantification using LC-MS/MS
- Isolate intact proteins to analyze variants or post-translational modifications
- Separate protein pull-down components for target protein purification
- Separation, isolation, and intact recovery of antibodies intact for in-depth characterization

How does it work?
During separation, a constant voltage is applied between the anode and cathode reservoirs, and each protein mixture is electrophoretically driven from a loading chamber into a specially designed gel column gel. Proteins are concentrated into a tight band in a stacking gel, and separated based on their respective electrophoretic mobilities in a resolving gel. As proteins elute from the column, they are trapped and concentrated in liquid phase in the collection chamber, free of the gel. The instrument is then paused at specific time intervals, and fractions are collected using a pipette. This process is repeated until all desired fractions have been collected.

This novel technology facilitates the quick and simple separation of up to 8 complex protein mixtures simultaneously, and offers several advantages when compared to previously available fractionation methods.

Ordering information

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Cat no. Description
EP 42102 Gelfree 8100 Cartridge Kit 12% Tris acetate
EP 42103 Gelfree 8100 Cartridge Kit 8% Tris acetate
EP 42104 Gelfree 8100 Cartridge Kit 5% Tris acetate
EP 42105 Gelfree 8100 Cartridge Kit 10% Tris acetate
EP 42202 Gelfree 8100 HEPES Running Buffer
EP 42302 Gelfree 8100 Tris Acetate Sample Buffer
EP 42402 Gelfree 8100 Cartridge 12% Tris acetate
EP 42403 Gelfree 8100 Cartridge 8% Tris acetate
EP 42404 Gelfree 8100 Cartridge 5% Tris acetate
EP 42405 Gelfree 8100 Cartridge 10% Tris acetate
EP 48100 Gelfree 8100 Fractionation System