PPS Silent Surfactant for MS Protein Solubilization

  • Extract, Solubilize, and Digest Proteins from Small Cell Populations
  • Eliminate Buffer Changes and Sample Clean-Up Steps
  • No Detergent Interference, No Oily Film, No Sticky Pellet
Now you can use mass spectrometry to analyze proteins through single-tube extraction from LCM samples and other small cell populations PPS Silent is a Surfactant that lyses cells, extracts and solubilizes proteins and is subsequently degraded into non-surfactant cleavage products. The protocol directly prepares samples for nanoLC-MS/MS analysis without the use of salts or detergents that would necessitate yield-reducing sample clean-up prior to injection. This means you can analyze the proteins in your small samples without pooling multiple samples.

PPS Silent Surfactant is a cleavable surfactant capable of disrupting cell membranes and solubilizing proteins. At low pH, PPS is quickly degraded into products without surfactant properties and which do not interfere in Mass Spec analysis. And, unlike first-generation cleavable surfactants for mass spectrometry, there’s no oily film or sticky pellet to complicate sample preparation.

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Cat no. Description
EP 21010 PPS Silent Surfactant - 10mg
EP 21011 PPS Silent Surfactant - 5 x 1mg