FASP Protein Digestion Kits

  • Efficient trypsin digestion of protein samples containing strong detergents
  • Complete solubilization and digestion
  • Unbiased: gene ontology analysis shows 42% membrane-type proteins for HeLa lysate
  • Productive: enables deep proteome analysis by mass spectrom

Now you can use lysis buffers with strong detergents and reducing agents to prepare proteins from biological samples for trypsin digestion and analysis by mass spectrometry. The FASP Protein Digestion Kit can efficiently digest samples for proteome analysis even in the presence of aggresive chemicals.

You no longer have to choose between a good extraction or a good digestion: FASP does both for you at the highest efficiency.

In FASP (Filter-Aided Sample Prep) a spin filter constitutes a “proteomic reactor” for sample preparation. This reactor depletes SDS, salts, and other contaminants from the protein sample before alkylation and trypsin digestion. Peptides are then eluted as a concentrated solution. DNA or other macromolecules remain trapped by the filter, do not contaminate the peptide solution filtrate.

Protein digestion in FFPE samples for MS analysis

The FFPE-FASP Protein Digestion Kit is a variation designed for trypsin digestion of proteins from formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue samples by mass spectrometry.

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EP 44250 FASP Protein Digestion Kit - 8 pack
EP 44255 FFPE-FASP Protein Digestion Kit - 8 pack