OpenSPR Accessories and Spare Parts

  • Syringes
  • Injection tips
  • PEEK sample loops
  • Declogging kit
  • Well plates and covers

Find your accessories to use with your OpenSPR SPR system


Ordering information

Westburg offers this product in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg,
If you are not located in these countries please visit the Nicoya website to find your local distributor.
Cat no. Description
NI CLN OpenSPR Cleaning Kit
NI DECLOG OpenSPR Declogging Kit
NI FC-100-1 Flow Cell for OpenSPR Rev 3 (pk 1)
NI FC-100-5 Flow Cell for OpenSPR Rev 3 (pk 5)
NI INJPT Injection Ports (PKG 2)
NI LED-BW LED Light Source for OpenSPR
NI MNT OpenSPR Maintenance Kit (Cleaning + Declogging)
NI PS-T Pump Tubing (20-150 µL/min) for Rev 3
NI RN-G-6 Replaceable Needles for glass syringe (pk of 6)
NI SL-100 PEEK Sample Loop (100 µl)
NI SL-1000 PEEK Sample Loop (1000 µl)
NI SL-20 PEEK Sample Loop (20 µl)
NI SL-250 PEEK Sample Loop (250 µl)
NI SL-50 PEEK Sample Loop (50 µl)
NI SL-500 PEEK Sample Loop (500 µl)
NI SYR-G Gastight Glass Syringe, 250 µL
NI SYR-PL-50 Plastic Syringe (1 mL) (pk 50)
NI TIP-BLUNT-50 Injection Tips (pkg of 50)
NI TUBE-RPL-R3 Replacement Tubing Kit for Rev 3
NI WP-10 96 Well Plates (pk 10)
NI WP-100 96 Well Plates (pk 100)
NI WPF-10 Well Plate Foil (pk 10)
NI WPF-100 Well Plate Foil (pk 100)
NI XT-NDL XT Injection Needle with Connections
NI XT-RSEAL Valve Rotor Seal for XT
NI XT-SYR Syringe for XT
NI XT-SYR-VLV Syringe Valve for XT
NI XT-TUBE-TRS Transit Tube with connections for XT