Proteoquant BCA Protein Assay

  • Accurate BCA assay
  • Compatible with detergents: SDS, Triton, Tween, CHAPS
  • Compatible with reducing agents: DTT, b-ME, TCEP
  • High linearity
  • Less variation than other dye binding methods

The Proteoquant Proteome Quantification BCA Assay Kit is for researchers using universal sample prep methods to prepare whole-proteome starting material for analysis. Based on a modification of the simple and scalable BCA protein quantification assay, the Proteoquant Proteome Quantification Assay Kit is compatible with the UPX™ Universal Protein Extraction Kit, the YPX™ Yeast Protein Extraction Kit, and other protocols for extracting proteins into solutions containing both SDS and reducing agents.

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Cat no. Description
EP 44110 Proteoquant Protein Quantification Assay kit - 980 assays