Bradford ChromaDazzle protein assay kit

  • For quantitative determination of total protein.
  • Based on an improved Coomassie Blue G method
  • Sensitive: detection range 0.06 – 1.0 mg /mL protein
  • Simple “mix-and-read” Bradford assay
  • Low interference with other molecules

Our Bradford ChromaDazzle Protein Assay kit is based on an improved Coomassie Blue G method. The dye forms a blue complex specifically with protein, and the intensity of color, measured at 595nm, is directly proportional to the protein concentration in the sample. The optimized formulation substantially reduces interference by substances in the raw samples and exhibits increased sensitivity towards peptides.

This Bradford assay shows a low interference: Glucose, Tris, vitamins, and amino acids, DNA, RNA, salts, EDTA (<12 mM), phenol (<50 mM), urea (<0.6 M), Triton (<0.1%) and SDS (<0.1% SDS) do not interfere in the assay.

The assay is very versatile as it can be readily automated as a high-throughput assay in 96-well plates for thousands of samples per day or used with cuvets.

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RG BA0168 Bradford Protein Assay - 500 assays