Bradford ULTRA Protein Assay Kit

  • Detergent compatible - no interference from protein extraction buffer
  • Consistent results - less protein-to-protein variation
  • Ready to use - no need to prepare or optimise solutions
  • One single assay for protein quantitation

Bradford protein assay compatible with detergents and reducing agents

The Bradford ULTRA kit is a quick and easy to use Coomassie-based, colorimetric method for total protein quantitation. With this kit you no longer need to worry about the presence of detergents in protein preparations as the kit can accurately quantitate protein with up to 1% detergent present  (1% high protein range, 0.1% low protein range).

Bradford ULTRA provides an improvement over classical Bradford formulations which cannot tolerate detergent contamination of protein samples. In addition, unlike BCA and UV methods this product tolerates reducing reagents and UV adsorbing chemicals.

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Cat no. Description
EP BFU05L Bradford ULTRA 500mL