Odyssey Blocking Buffer (TBS)

  • Contains no mammalian proteins
  • Lowest cross-reactivity with mammalian antibodies
  • Ready-to-use formulation in TBS
  • Ideal for detection of phosphorylated targets
  • Best choice for AP or biotin-streptavidin detection
  • Up to 5x higher sensitivity than blocking with milk

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Odyssey Blocking Buffer (TBS) from LICOR is a ready-to-use formulation in TBS. It contains no mammalian proteins, which avoids cross-reaction with secondary antibodies.

In addition, there are also no phosphorylated proteins in the blocking buffer, so when you use phospho-antibodies you will get a low background.

Please note that Odyssey Blocking Buffer (TBS) contains 0.1% sodium azide and is therefore not suitable for chemiluminescent detection.

Up to 5x higher sensitivity than blocking with milk Up to 5x higher sensitivity than blocking with milk

Ordering information

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Cat no. Description
LI 927-50000 Odyssey Blocking Buffer (TBS) 500 ml
LI 927-50003 Odyssey Blocking Buffer (TBS) 3 x 500 ml
LI 927-50010 Odyssey Blocking Buffer (TBS) 10 x 500 ml
LI 927-50100 Odyssey Blocking Buffer (TBS) 125 ml
LI 927-50125 Odyssey Blocking Buffer (TBS) 25 x 500 ml
LI 927-50150 Odyssey Blocking Buffer (TBS) 50 x 500 ml