C-DiGit® Western Blot Scanner

  • Always the right exposure
  • No saturation
  • No darkroom, no developer, no mess
  • Fast, simple and portable blot scanner
  • Immediate digital image
  • Lower running cost

Everything you love about film, without the hassles!

The C-DiGit® Western Blot Scanner is a truly affordable digital replacement of film for chemiluminescent Western blot imaging. It has the appearance of film that you are used to plus the convenience, reproducibility and flexibility of digital imaging.

Simply place your blot in the scanner and press the scan button. It's really that simple! No messing round in the darkroom, trying multiple exposure times before you get the right one. With the C-DiGit® you get a perfect image the first time.

Maximizing Light Collection with a Short Working Distance

The LICOR C-DiGit® Blot Scanner takes a new approach to chemiluminescent imaging. The sensitivity of film is boosted by its short working distance, with very close proximity to the Western blot.

The short working distance and specialized optics of the C-DiGit® Blot Scanner increase light collection by >100 fold, so comparable signals can be obtained with very short exposures.

Increase your productivity

Increase your productivity by eliminating typical darkroom hassles: with theC-DiGit® your digital image of your western blot is ready in as little as 6 minutes – faster and easier than walking to the darkroom, exposing and developing film, and scanning the film to create a digital image.

See strong and faint bands together in one scan: with the C-DiGit® Blot Scanner, you can capture strong chemiluminescent signals without sacrificing detection of faint bands, blurring, overlapping bands or saturation.

Get consistent Western Blot data quality without “blowout” or saturation. Get consistent Western Blot data quality without “blowout” or saturation.

Ordering information

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Cat no. Description
LI 3600-00 C-DiGit Chemiluminescence Scanner