C-DiGit® Digital Western Blot Scanner

  • Fast, simple and portable digital Western Blot scanner
  • Immediate digital Western Blot imaging
  • No band saturation
  • Direct replacement of chemiluminescent imaging with film
  • Lower Western Blotting costs

Get the full Western Blot story

Get accurate and quantifiable Western Blot results by finding out what's really happening in your samples:

  • See strong and faint bands together in a single digital file
  • Advanced optical design and engineered efficiency ensure you with crisp bands and no band saturation
  • You don't need to adjust exposure settings or capture multiple images: one single scan represents the full range of ECL data for each Western blot
  • Quantify the way you want: analyze your digital Western Blot images immediately, or refer back to previous experiments. You’ll have access to all your Western Blot data you need today – and months from now.
Get consistent Western Blot data quality without “blowout” or saturation. Get consistent Western Blot data quality without “blowout” or saturation.

Quick and easy Western Blot Imaging

Bring down the time spend on Western Blot incubation and imaging of your Western Blot to less than 20 minutes in total: Incubate your blot, place your blot in the C-DiGit® Blot scanner and press the scan button. Western Blot analysis has never been more quick and easy.

Simple and reliable digital western blot imaging

The full performance of the C-DiGiT® Digital Western Blot Scanner is available straight out of the box without complex configurations or setup. The C-DiGiT® can also be stored for extended periods of time with no loss in performance or need for recalibration. Long-term use requires minimal maintenance.

Image Studio software for a complete Western Blot imaging solution.

Image Studio software is one of the steps towards more reproducible Western Blot data and it's supereasy. You will spend little time training because it is that easy! With just a click of a few buttons, the blot is imaged in the detection channels you choose and allows to:

  • Acquire images
  • Quantify targets
  • Implement background reduction
  • Adjust image display for publication quality images
  • Create electronic lab notebooks

Image Studio is compatible with any imaging system: simply import tif, jpg, or png images from any imaging system and run the analysis.

Combine the C-DiGiT® with the power of Image Studio™ and free Image Studio Lite software for a complete Western Blot imaging solution.

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Ordering information

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Cat no. Description
LI 3600-00 C-DiGit Chemiluminescence Scanner
LI 3600-500U C-DiGit Image Studio Analysis Software Upgrade Package
LI 3600-501 C-DiGit Image Studio Software, 1 user licence
LI 3600-505 C-DiGit Image Studio Software, 5 user licence