Odyssey Fc Western Blot Imaging System

  • Flexible system: near-infrared, chemiluminescent & DNA gel documentation
  • High sensitivity: image both faint and strong bands in one image
  • Stable and reproducible signals over time
  • No signal saturation & more data details with 6-log linear dynamic range
  • One button image acquisition

The Odyssey Fc Imaging System is designed for labs that need both chemiluminescent and near-infrared detection. The Odyssey Fc Western blot imager offers reproducible, quantitative Western blot data using near-infrared detection and it eliminates the darkroom for chemiluminescent users.

What our users say about the Odyssey FC Imager What our users say about the Odyssey FC Imager

More reproducible and accurate Western blot data

The Odyssey Fc Western blot imager exhibits a wide 6 logs linear dynamic range that gives you more reproducible results and a very deep Western blot data capacity. As opposed to many CCD imagers, the wide linear dynamic range of the Odyssey Fc will always accurately record strong signals so you never have to worry about signal saturation and loss of your Western blot data.

Image whenever you want without loss of Western blot data

Near-infrared technology uses signals that are stable and reproducible over time, because no enzymes or substrates are used. As a result, timing and enzyme kinetics won't affect your results: you can even choose to image your Western blots at a time that suits you, over and over again, and still see the same results.

With the uniform laser illumination of the Odyssey Fc you capture uniform, low-background images containing both strong and faint bands clearly in one single image, without adjusting the camera settings.

More reproducible data in more channels

The two channel near-infrared fluorescence of the Odyssey Fc Western blot imager offers you the possibility to see multiple targets on the same blot using secondary antibodies labeled with spectrally-distinct NIR fluorescent dyes.

In addition, you can also capture high-quality ECL Western blot images or document your DNA gels, all on the same imager, so you don't have to switch instruments.

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LI 2800-00 Odyssey FC Imaging System
LI 2800-510 Image Studio Software Odyssey Fc 25 users licence
LI 926-40020 Odyssey FC Imaging Tray (set of 5)