IRDye 800CW Secondary Antibodies

  • Optimal performance in Western blotting and immunocytochemical assays
  • Low non-specific binding to cellular components
  • IRDye® 800CW is optimized for excitation and detection in the near-infrared spectrum
  • Low background autofluorescence allows higher signal to noise ratios
  • IRDye® 800CW optical probes provide excellent performance for in vivo imaging

IRDye Near-InfraRed fluoroscent dye 800CW is optimized for excitation and detection in the near-infrared spectrum, thus delivering enhanced sensitivity due to low background autofluorescence in the near-infrared region and, therefore, higher signal-to-noise ratios.

IRDye fluorescent dyes have absorption and emission wavelengths in the NIR spectrum, between 680 and 800 nm. Most of the IRDye reagents are compatible with the Odyssey® CLxOdyssey Fc, and Pearl® Imagers.

IRDye 800CW is ideal for protein and antibody labeling, or nucleic acid applications with high labeling density. IRDye 800CW can be used in various applications. It is one of the best known fluorescent dyes for molecular probe imaging.

IRDye 800CW is available in various forms, including IRDye NHS ester, IRDye maleimide, IRDye carboxylate, IRDye DBCO, IRDye azide, IRDye alkyne, IRDye secondary antibody conjugates, and in IRDye labeling kits.

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Ordering information

Westburg offers this product in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg,
If you are not located in these countries please visit the LI-COR website to find your local distributor.
Cat no. Description
LI 925-32210 IRDye 800CW Goat Anti-Mouse (H+L) (0.1mg)
LI 925-32211 IRDye 800CW Goat Anti-Rabbit (H+L) (0.1mg)
LI 925-32212 IRDye 800CW Donkey Anti-Mouse IgG (H+L) (0.1mg)
LI 925-32213 IRDye 800CW Donkey Anti-Rabbit IgG (H+L) (0.1mg)
LI 925-32214 IRDye 800CW Donkey Anti-Goat IgG (H+L) (0.1mg)
LI 925-32218 IRDye 800CW Donkey Anti-Chicken IgG (H+L) (0.1mg)
LI 925-32219 IRDye 800CW Goat Anti-Rat IgG (H+L) (0.1mg)
LI 925-32230 IRDye 800CW Streptavidin (0.1mg)
LI 925-32232 IRDye 800CW Goat Anti-Human IgG (H+L) (0.1mg)
LI 925-32280 IRDye 800CW Goat Anti-Mouse IgM (0.1mg)
LI 925-32411 IRDye 800CW Donkey Anti-Guinea Pig IgG (H+L) (0.1mg)
LI 926-32210 IRDye 800CW Goat Anti-Mouse IgG (0.5mg)
LI 926-32211 IRDye 800CW Goat Anti-Rabbit IgG (0.5mg)
LI 926-32212 IRDye 800CW Donkey Anti-Mouse IgG (0.5mg)
LI 926-32213 IRDye 800CW Donkey Anti-Rabbit (0.5mg)
LI 926-32214 IRDye 800CW Donkey Anti-Goat (0.5mg)
LI 926-32218 IRDye 800CW Donkey anti-Chicken IgG
LI 926-32219 IRDye 800CW Goat anti-Rat IgG
LI 926-32230 IRDye 800CW Streptavidin (0.5mg)
LI 926-32232 IRDye 800CW Goat Anti-Human IgG (H+L)
LI 926-32280 IRDye 800CW Goat anti-Mouse IgM (0.5mg)
LI 926-32350 IRDye 800CW Goat Anti-Mouse IgG1 Specific (0.5mg)
LI 926-32351 IRDye 800CW Goat Anti-Mouse IgG2a Specific (0.5mg)
LI 926-32352 IRDye 800CW Goat Anti-Mouse IgG2b Specific (0.5mg)
LI 926-32411 IRDye 800CW Donkey Anti-Guinea Pig IgG (0.5mg)