Odyssey Loading Indicators

  • To evaluate the consistency of sample loading volume across gel lanes
  • To confirm that transfer from gel to membrane was uniform
  • Can be directly and conveniently visualized when imaging blots and gels
  • Can be used with nitrocellulose and PVDF membranes and various gel types
  • Does not interfere with antibody binding

To make sure your Western blot sample loading is consistent across gel lanes and that Western blot transfer is uniform, you can use the Odyssey® Loading Indicators (OLI). Each indicator is a 28 kDa exogenous protein that is labeled with a near-infrared fluorescent dye. You can choose a 700 nm or an 800 nm version.

Reproducible Western blotting

With the Odyssey® Loading Indicators you get reproducible Western Blot data, since it helps you to:

  1. have consistent sample loading between gel lanes. By adding equal amounts of an OLI, you can determine if loading was consistent or if a pipetting error occurred.
  2. check uniform transfer from gel to membrane. An OLI can reveal issues like bubbles or other transfer artifacts in the 28 KDa range.
  3. validate stable expression of your housekeeping protein. An OLI is not subject to up- or down regulation as a function of experimental sample treatment. A stable signal for an OLI across several lanes indicates that any signal variation for the housekeeping protein was not caused by inconsistent sample loading.
Detection of OLI 800 Detection of OLI 800

Note: Since the OLI is an exogenous protein, it functions as an external loading control, and cannot be used for normalization. If you're looking for a normalization strategy, you can choose REVERT Total Protein Stain.

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Cat no. Description
LI 926-20002 Odyssey 28 KD Loading Indicator – 800 nm
LI 926-20004 Odyssey 28 KD Loading Indicator – 700 nm