Strep-tag Detection Reagents

  • Versatile detection with labeled Strep-Tactin or antibodies
  • Reagents suitable for use in Western blot, ELISA and fluorescence microscopy
  • Strep-Tactin conjugates for fastest protocols
  • Strep-tag II monoclonal antibody for highest specificity
The IBA Strep-tag detection system offers a choice between HRP- or AP-labeled Strep-Tactin for direct detection, and non-labeled antibodies to be detected by a secondary antibody. Fast detection is possible with the Strep-Tactin conjugates whereas monoclonal antibody-based detection enables higher specificity. For your convenience IBA offers detection kits that include all buffers and reagents.

The new Strep-tag Protein Ladder, a mixture of six recombinant, highly purified Strep-tag proteins, simplifies molecular weight determinations on both Coomassie stained gels and Western blots. The proteins resolve into clearly identifiable sharp and evenly stained bands from 15 to 100 kDa.

Ordering information

Westburg offers this product in The Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Luxembourg, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland,
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Cat no. Description
IB 2-0501-002 Biotin Blocking Buffer 2 ml
IB 2-1502-001 Strep-Tactin HRP conjugate 0.5 ml
IB 2-1503-001 Strep-Tactin AP conjugate 0.5 ml
IB 2-1507-001 Strep-tag II Monoclonal Antibody purified 100µg
IB 2-1509-001 Strep-tag II Mab HRP conjugate 25-30 blots
IB 2-1517-001 Strep-MAB antibody 100µg