WesternSure Pen

  • Light emitting ink for western blotting
  • Optimized for chemiluminescent detection
  • Suitable for film or other imaging systems
  • Optimized for detection using western blot scanners

Chemiluminescent western blot detection of visible protein standards

The WesternSure Pen is used to annotate visible protein ladders prior to chemiluminescent Western blot detection. This unique marker delivers an ink which emits light when incubated with commonly-used chemilumi­nescent substrates. 

The pen is optimized for detection using western blot scanners, and is suitable for use with film or other imaging systems.

The WesternSure Pen was used to mark the blue protein standards (panel A) for chemiluminescent Western blot detection. The blot was exposed to chemiluminescent substrate and imaged (panel B).

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Cat no. Description
LI 926-91000 WesternSure Pen