Primary Antibodies for Normalization

  • Primary antibodies for Western Blot normalization

To obtain reproducible Western blot data, loading controls and normalization are essential for reliable, precise comparison of protein levels. Housekeeping proteins can be used for normalization of protein levels.

We offer five primary antibodies for normalization that can be used for two-color normalization when performing multiplex Western blots or for cell-based assay normalization, such as for In-Cell Western™ Assays.

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Cat no. Description
LI 926-42210 Primary Ab Beta-Actin Rabbit mAb 100ul
LI 926-42211 Primary AB beta-Tubulin Rabbit Ab 100ul
LI 926-42212 Primary Ab beta-ACTIN Mouse mAb 100ul
LI 926-42213 Primary AB Beta-Tubulin Mouse mAb 100ul
LI 926-42214 Primary COX IV Rabbit mAb 100ul