Whatman Chromatography and Blotting Paper

Whatman® 3MM Chr
The world's most widely used blotting paper is a medium thickness paper (0.34 mm) with a flow rate (water) of 130 mm/30 min.
Specifically produced and tested for chromatographic techniques to ensure the wicking capability and uniformity of capillary action that is important for reproducible high-quality of blotting results.

Whatman® GB005
An extr-thick (1.2 mm), highly absorbent paper recommended for applications where fewer layers of blotting paper must still ensure a high capacity. Fewer layers of blotting paper reduce the risk of trapping air bubbles. Recommended for semi-dry blotting of proteins.

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Cat no. Description
AJ 846-B10 426 981 Whatman GB005,200 x 200 mm,1.2 mm thick, 25
AJ 846-B10 426 994 Whatman GB005, 580 x 580 mm, 1.2 mm thick, 25
AJ 846-B3017915 Whatman 17 Chr Paper 0.92mm, 46x57cm, 25 sheets
AJ 846-B3030335 Whatman 3mm Chr, 315MM X 355MM 100 Sheets
AJ 846-B3030392 Whatman 3MM Chr Paper 350 x 450mm, 100 sheets
AJ 846-B3030614 Whatman 3MM Chr Paper 0.34mm, 20mm x 100m, 1roll
AJ 846-B3030672 Whatman 3MM Chr Paper 0.34mm, 100mm x 100m, 1roll
AJ 846-B3030681 Whatman 3MM Chr Paper 0.34mm, 150mm x 100m, 1roll
AJ 846-B3030690 Whatman 3MM Chr Paper 0.34mm, 190mm x 100m, 1roll
AJ 846-B3030700 Whatman 3MM Chr Paper 0.34mm, 230mm x 100m, 1roll
AJ 846-B3030704 Whatman 3MM Chr Paper 0.34mm, 270mm x 100m, 1roll
AJ 846-B3030861 Whatman 3mm Chr, 200MM X 200mm 100 sheets
AJ 846-B3030917 Whatman 3MM Chr Paper 460 x 570mm, 100 sheets
AJ 846-B3030931 Whatman 3mm Chr, 580MM X 680mm 100 sheets