Empiria Studio Western Blot Analysis Software

All-in-one Western blot analysis software for reproducible Western Blot data

Empiria Studio is the only all-in-one Western blot analysis software that guides you through all steps necessary for publishable Western Blot data: validate Western blots, determine target protein expression, compare replicates, perform statistical analysis, and share your results instantly with journals for publication

More reproducible quantitative analysis with Empiria Studio

Quantification in Empiria Studio uses a patent-pending background subtraction method (“Adaptive Background Subtraction", also ABS) that ensures you and your lab members of consistency from person to person in Western blot quantification. ABS adapts to the unique background in each image and subtracts background automatically.

Multiple users analyzed the designated bands (arrowheads on the image) using local, global/user-defined, and Empiria Studio. Variability of background-corrected band intensity, expressed as the mean % CV, was compared for each background subtraction method. (error bars show standard deviation, n = 6)

Download the 'Adaptive Background Subtraction Method' whitepaper here.

Empiria Studio Software has been created with the help of publishers of high impact journals, so you can be confident that your analysis and Western blot results conform to accepted standards for reproducible Western blotting.

Antibody validation. Click to enlarge. Antibody validation. Click to enlarge.
Combined Linear Range. Click to enlarge. Combined Linear Range. Click to enlarge.
Housekeeping Protein validation. Click to enlarge. Housekeeping Protein validation. Click to enlarge.

Antibody validation

With antibody validation you can be sure your primary antibody is specific and selective to the expected target. 

Combined Linear Range determination

With combined linear range determination you can be sure that you are accurately measuring changes in protein expression.

Housekeeping Protein validation

With housekeeping protein validation you can make sure its expression is not altered by conditions in your experiment.


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