Accurate, Consistent & Reproducible Western Blot Data

Know how to get your Western blot data published

Western Blot publication guidelines are changing......and your Western Blot analysis needs to change with it.

Journals like Science, Nature, Cell, and the Journal of Biological Chemistry are changing minimum content requirements and adopting rigorous Western Blot publishing guidelines since Western Blot reproducibility is a well-discussed topic in research.

Reviewers and editors want to know details about:

  • study design,
  • combined linear detection ranges,
  • data normalization,
  • controls and replicate Western Blot samples,
  • and reproducibility of Western Blot results

How can we help you get your Western Blot data published and funded?

To secure publication and funding, you need accurate, consistent and reproducible Western Blot data. Minimize error and variation in your Western blot data and eliminate the variability of multiple film exposures: upgrade the darkroom to digital Western blot detection and get enhanced, consistent and reliable chemiluminescence (ECL) Western blot results with one digital scan.

Go even further and also eliminate the unstability of the enzymatic ECL reaction, in which the signal intensity is constantly changing. Near-InfraRed (NIR) imaging uses NIR fluorescent signals that are stable and reproducible over time, ensuring you with accurate and reproducible Western Blot data anytime you want: now and later.

Imaging Method
Detection Method
Dynamic range
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Film Chemiluminescence
Yes/No answer; inaccurate
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Digital Chemiluminescence
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Near-InfraRed Chemi & Fluorescence
Chemiluminescence & Fluorescence
Accurate multiplex quantification
Very High
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Western Blot Analysis Software

Secure Western Blot data analysis using Image Studio™ Lite. Image Studio is a simple, intuitive Western blot software that lets you quickly analyze and export publication-ready Western blot images.

You can also get you and your lab members trained by an online on-demand Western Blot course and become a Western Blot expert. This course includes the basics of Western blotting, as well as in-depth information on chemiluminescence and fluorescence Western blot imaging. You can also get trained to be able to meet Western blot publication and grant funding requirements.

Are you an Odyssey Western blot imager user to get reproducible, quantitative Western blot data?

Than update your Image Studio software and upgrade to the NEW Empiria Studio software: software designed with the help of publishers and reviewers so you can be sure your Western blot data is ready for publication.