Serum-free media: get rid of serum issues

Typically, standard cell culture is performed with the addition of 5-10% of serum, to keep the cells happy and alive. But have you ever asked yourself the question if serum is the best choice?

The known but often ignored disadvantages of serum

Serum has various disadvantages that can affect the consistency of your results that each scientist ought to know:

  • It contains numerous undefined factors

  • It has a high lot-to-lot variability

  • It has a high risk of contamination with infectious agents

  • It has a high risk of contamination with other interfering components

Due to these disadvantages, your cells can respond differently when compared to the exact same cells other groups are culturing. Differences can even occur in your own experiments due to serum batch variability, leaving you with non-reproducible results.

Eliminate your serum issues: choose serum-free media

Gain control over your culture conditions and eliminate all the issues that come along when culturing with serum. Serum-free media contain well-defined and consistent components. You can choose to completely switch to a complete serum-free medium that works best for your type of cells, or keep on using your medium but substitute your serum with a well-defined alternative. Your options are listed below.

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FBS Substitute

Want to keep on using your medium, but substitute your serum? Choose our chemically defined substitute:

Multi purpose serum-free media

For general cell culture conditions, you can get rid of serum and choose for one of our multi purpose media for:

Serum-free media for specific cell types

When culturing specific cell types that need more attention, choose the appropriate and yet optimized medium.