Nanoimager: powerful super-resolution microscopy on your benchtop

The first super-resolution microscope that's powerful, accessible and affordable

Meet the Nanoimager, a new breed of super-resolution microscope that defies current standards for single-molecule imaging. It offers super-resolution imaging with an achievable resolution of under 20 nm in cells and is the world's first tailored wide-field single- molecule FRET solution.

Just 15 cm high, It's a compact, easy-to-use instrument that captures the most sensitive single-molecule fluorescence data on a standard laboratory benchtop. No dark-room or optical table required.

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Precision by design

The Nanoimager has been designed to fully dampen vibrations, so you won't need an optical table. In addition, it never, ever needs alignment.

Laser kept in, ambient light kept out

The microscope's design keeps its lasers in, and ambient light out so you won’t need a dark room. Coupled with its compact size, you can simply use it on your lab bench or even in a biosafety cabinet.

Incredible field of view

At 80 µm x 50 µm, the field of view (FOV) is one of the largest available in super-resolution. Build sample overview scans with a piezo stage working in 2 nm steps.

4 colors, 2 simultaneously

With four laser colors, four different fluorophores can be analysed. Two different fluorophores can be captured simultaneously to gain even deeper insights, faster.

Perform a wide range of super-resolution applications and techniques

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Download Nanoimager Brochure & Specs