TripleA Pipet Tips

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Valid for all packs of 10x96 TripleA Low Binding Tips in racks, including filtered, non-filtered and gel loading tips. The discount cannot be combined with other discounts or price agreements.

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Excellent pipetting accuracy

  • Low binding plastic
  • Complete release of sample
  • Prevents binding of proteins and nucleic acids
  • Fine tapered end releases the last droplet

High convenience

  • Highly transparent: easily see the sample
  • Multiple graduation marks for confirmation
  • Hinged rack or refill tray packaging


Universal fit to common pipettors


Non-absorbing aerosol filter (optional)

  • Safe protection of sample and pipettor
  • Hydrophobic filter does not absorb and trap sample
  • Filter does not restrict air flow
  • No contaminating additives in filter


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