CRISPR Knockout Validated Antibodies

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How do we validate our antibodies?

Antibody Genie has created more than 100s of CRISPR knockout cell lines by introducing frame-shift mutations into the genomic DNA of target cells using the CRISPR/Cas9 system.

For validation of Antibody Genie's knockout validated antibodies, CRISPR knockout cells were lysed and Western Blotting was performed on these cell lysates, while using Wild-Type (WT) cells as a control.

The Western Blots were then probed using Antibody Genie's premium antibodies and visualisation of decreased protein expression was indicative of highly specific knockout validated antibodies.

Why choose AntibodyGenie's KO validated antibodies?

Antibody Genie’s knockout validated antibodies offer you a true negative control for your experiments. But there is more:

  • We offer you the technical and scientific support you need, at any time
  • We help you with troubleshooting if you encounter any issues
  • If we can't fix your issue, we will offer you a replacement that is suitable for your research
  • If everything else fails, we will guarantee you a 100% money-back