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TAdvanced Thermocyclers TAdvanced Thermocyclers

TAdvanced Thermocyclers

Fastest, most uniform cycler there is

  • Fastest block: 6-8°C/sec heating rate
  • Touch screen operation
  • Highest accuracy & reproducibility
  • 10-second block exchange

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Biometra TOne Thermocycler Biometra TOne Thermocycler

Biometra TOne

Optimal price/performance ratio

  • Fast block: 4°C/sec heating
  • Easy programming & intuitive handling
  • Best value for money
  • Great temperature uniformity

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Biometra TRIO Biometra TRIO

Biometra TRIO Thermocyclers

Ultimate flexibility for your lab

  • Run independent PCRs on one machine
  • Your choice of block types
  • Ideal for a lab with many users
  • Easy touchscreen programming

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qTOWER QPCR machines qTOWER QPCR machines


Get in touch with high class qPCR

  • Best block uniformity for accurate results
  • Patented fiber optics for ideal qPCR signals
  • 6 sec. scan time allows 6-fold multiplexing
  • Stand-alone with touchscreen option

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LUNA-II Automated Cell Counter

Accurate & affordable cell counting in 7 sec.

  • Fully automated cell counting & analysis
  • 'Load & go' autofocus technology
  • Counts single & clustered cells accurately
  • Histogram and cell-size gating options

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LUNA-FL Fluorescent Cell Counter LUNA-FL Fluorescent Cell Counter

LUNA-FL Fluorescent Cell Counter

Cell counting with unmatched accuracy

  • Counts many cell types, incl. stem cells
  • Combined bright-field & dual fluorescence
  • Low cost per count
  • Cell size gating option

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NanoPhotometers NanoPhotometers

Nanovolume Spectrophotometers

Portable, intuitive, small spectrophotometers

  • Maintenance free, no re-calibration
  • No sample evaporation; high accuracy
  • Very easy to use with data export options
  • Optional configuration with cuvette and/or vortex

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CELENA S Fluorescence Microscope CELENA S Fluorescence Microscope

CELENA S Fluorescence Microscope

All-in-one digital imaging system

  • High quality images for any expertise level
  • Multicolor fluorescence imaging
  • Real-time image capturing & analysis
  • Live cell, time lapse, Z-stack possible

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C-DiGiT Blot Scanner C-DiGiT Blot Scanner

C-DiGiT Western Blot Scanner

Affordable digital replacement of film

  • No darkroom, no developer, no mess
  • No signal saturation, always the right exposure
  • See strong & faint bands in 1 scan
  • Convenient, fast & flexible to work with

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InnuPure C16 InnuPure C16

InnuPure C16

Automated DNA/RNA Extraction system

  • Fast, flexible nucleic acid extraction
  • Flexible: 1-16 samples at one time
  • No magnetic particles in eluates
  • Superior performance for downstream NGS applications

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FlashGel Electrophoresis Systems FlashGel Electrophoresis Systems

FlashGel Electrophoresis Systems

Fastest way to separate DNA and RNA

  • Image gels on your bench without UV
  • Get results within 10 minutes
  • Allows easy fragment recovery
  • Watch band migration in real-time

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