Quality Assurance

Since 1998 Westburg is an ISO certified company. Below you can download the current certificate and learn more about what that the ISO certification means to you as a customer or supplier.

Download Westburg ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

Why a quality management system?

This question takes us straight to the heart of what quality is about: customer satisfaction. This may sound simple, but in the end the only way for Westburg to be successful is to know the needs and expectations of customers, and to meet and even exceed them. Our quality management system ensures that we can monitor and analyse our performance, and that we can keep improving ourselves. Especially in a market that is changing so fast, it is essential that we can respond quickly to serve our customers in the best possible way.

What does the quality system consist of?

Many people think about quality management as piles of paperwork. This is only partly true. It is true that we have described all critical procedures and processes in the organization. How do we process orders, how do we ensure product quality, how do we inform customers, how do we handle complaints, etcetera. We have written it all down. The description of our processes helps us to know what we have to do, why and how. For instance, new people joining the company can come on board and get up to speed quickly. Moreover, the system helps us, for instance via customer satisfaction interviews, to find the "weak spots" in our processes, so we can take measures to improve our performance.

How does the ISO certification fit in this picture?

ISO certification means that an independent, objective observer has verified that the quality system is complete and accurate and that the Westburg employees act according to it. Non-certified companies can have a fine quality management, but it is the ISO certificate that really guarantees it, for now and for the future.

What does quality management mean for Westburg's customers?

Our customers can be certain that Westburg will act consistently and reliably, and tries to achieve continuous performance improvement. So if we do it right, you will hardly notice our quality management system, but you will just be very happy with our level of service. Of course there are always aspects that can be improved, and we invite you to contact us if you are not satisfied about anything. You can be sure we will go for improvement.