UltraMDCK Serum-free, chemically defined Medium for MDCK Cells

  • Serum-free, chemically defined medium
  • Intended for growth support of MDCK cells
  • Formulation with very low level of protein

Serum-free, chemically defined Medium for optimal growth

UltraMDCK™ Medium is optimized for the growth of MADIN-DARBY Canine Kidney (MDCK) cells at low and high plating densities. MDCK cells grown in UltraMDCK™ Medium are smaller and more densely packed than cells grown in the presence of serum, and cultures can stay confluent for at least two weeks without medium change. Cells will continue to grow from the monolayer forming spherical structures called “floaters”. “Floaters” can be harvested, pelleted by centrifugation and plated into fresh medium. They will re-attach and grow into a new monolayer.

A monolayer of MDCK cells is generally difficult to trypsinize when grown in a serum-supplemented medium. When grown in UltraMDCK™ Medium, trypsinization becomes less difficult.

Yields very low protein concentrations

UltraMDCK™ Medium contains low levels of recombinant human insulin and bovine transferrin.This medium can be stored up to one year.

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Cat no. Description
LO BEBP12-749Q UltraMDCK Serum-free Medium, FFM, 1 L