Klenow Fragment

Klenow Fragment is a mesophilic DNA polymerase derived from the E.coli Polymerase I DNA-dependent repair enzyme. The enzyme exhibits DNA synthesis and proofreading (3′→5′) nuclease activities, and, in the absence of the holoenzyme’s (5′→3′) nuclease domain, displays a moderate strand displacement activity during DNA synthesis. The protein is expressed as a truncated product of the E.coli PolA gene.

Source of Klenow Fragment

A recombinant E. coli strain carrying the Klenow Fragment gene.


Concentration of Klenow fragment: 5,000 U/mL

QC tests:

  • Purity (SDS-PAGE) >99%
  • Specific Activity 5,000 U/mg
  • SS Exonuclease Functional
  • DS Exonuclease Functional
  • DS Endonuclease 50 U = no conversion
  • E.coli DNA Contamination 50 U < 10 copies

Bulk Klenow Fragment for NGS applications

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Cat no. Description
EZ P7060L Klenow Fragment 2500 units (5,000 U/ml)