GelBond® Film for agarose gels

  • Reliable - Agarose gels cast on GelBond® Film retain their original dimensions during staining and after drying.
  • Durable - Gels, particularly thin ones, are easier to handle during staining, destaining, and drying when supported.
  • Convenient - Gel orie
GelBond Film® is a transparent, flexible polyester film designed to support agarose gels. Gels cast on GelBond® Film remain permanently attached to the film through electrophoresis or immunodiffusion and all subsequent fixing, staining, destaining, and drying procedures. GelBond® Film is available either as precut sheets or rolls. Note: Polyester films will not transmit light of less than 310 nm, and will fluoresce at higher wavelengths.

Ordering information

Westburg offers this product in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg,
If you are not located in these countries please visit the Lonza website to find your local distributor.
Cat no. Description
LO 53734 GelBond Film 0.2mm 85 x 100 mm 100sheets
LO 53740 GelBond Film 0.2mm 102 mm x 16.5 m 1roll
LO 53745 GelBond Film 0.2 mm 110 x 125 mm 100sheets
LO 53746 GelBond Film 0.2 mm 100 x 150 mm 100sheets
LO 53748 GelBond Film 0.2 mm 110 x 205 mm 100sheets
LO 53749 GelBond Film 0.2 mm 160 x 180 mm 100sheets
LO 53750 GelBond Film 0.2 mm 127 mm x 16.5 m 1roll
LO 53759 GelBond Film 0.2 mm 125 x 245 mm 100sheets
LO 53761 GelBond Film 0.2 mm 124 x 258 mm 100sheets
LO 53780 GelBond Film 0.2 mm 203 mm x 16.5 m 1roll